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Candle Accessories
Candle Accessories
Candle Accessories
Candle Accessories

Candle Accessories

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  • candle enthusiast scissors & snuffers
  • ease of cutting wicks & extinguishing flames
  • elegant & stylish

Our candle wick scissors and snuffers are elegant and simplistic in their style and are the perfect pair to our soy wax candles. The perfect gift for candle enthusiasts and a beautiful addition to the country style home. Available in matt black.

Candle wick scissor

Short and neatly trimmed wicks ensure a long, clean burn without smoking and sooting. Ensure the wick is trimmed to approximately 5-7mm prior to each new burn.

Dimensions: approximately 18cm long.

Candle wick snuffer

Our candle wick snuffers allow you to extinguish the flame safely and effectively without the hot wax being blown onto the glass vessel or spilt.

Dimensions: approximately 22cm long.


Further information on how to care for your soy wax candle

Did you know that soy wax has a memory? Get the best results; make sure the initial burn of your candle results in a melt pool the entire surface and approx. 1cm deep to avoid tunnelling in future burns. This could mean an approximate 1-2hr initial burn for the small candle and a 2-3hr initial burn for the large candle. Trim the wick approximately 5mm above the wax after each burn to avoid smoking. Our large candles feature an engraved timber lid whilst the smaller size candles currently come with a black plastic lid. Please note that while there is a small amount of natural essential oils in our unique blends, these particular scents are predominately fragrant oils (synthetic). All of our fragrances are made in Australia and are not tested on animals. Pure cotton wicks are used for our 100% soy wax candles and contain no lead or other harmful metals.