Fragrance Diffusers- Natural Fragrances - Blended in Tasmania- Salamanca Skincare Co
Fragrance Diffusers- Natural Fragrances - Blended in Tasmania- Salamanca Skincare Co
Fragrance Diffusers- Natural Fragrances - Blended in Tasmania- Salamanca Skincare Co
Fragrance Diffusers- Natural Fragrances - Blended in Tasmania- Salamanca Skincare Co

Fragrance Diffusers

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  • long lasting fragrance
  • premium ingredients
  • refills available
  • natural rattan reeds
  • vegan friendly
  • 5 scents to choose from

Fill your home with the beautiful scents of our long lasting fragrance diffusers. Enjoy where the journey takes you as the scents of these diffusers evoke blissful memories of carefree childhoods, holidays spent in amazing destinations, summer days and spring gardens in full bloom.

Available in the gift box set (clear squared glass bottle 140ml with reeds which lasts up to approximately 10 to 12 months if kept in optimal conditions) or refill bottle with reeds (refill / replacement bottle 100ml which lasts up to approximately 8 to 10 months if kept in optimum conditions). *To keep postage costs as low as possible for our customers, the fragrance diffuser box set (140ml glass bottle with reeds) may be packaged up in the smaller, more postage-friendly black cubed box shown here, rather than the taller rectangular box. 

Neroli blossoms

Our ever popular Neroli Blossoms has floral scents of jasmine, honeysuckle and green tea, blended with Seville orange. 

White Rose

Let your imagination take you through an old english country garden, with meandering pathways and its pure white roses in full bloom.

Sweet Lime & Mango

You could be mistaken for thinking you're relaxing on a warm sandy beach in the tropics as you enjoy the sweet fruity scents of mango, green apple and a hint of lime.

Lemongrass & Thyme

Invigorate and refresh the senses with this earthy fragrance blend of lemongrass, thyme, subtle notes of cedar wood and a hint of lemon myrtle.

Spiced Pear

Bursting with rich, warm aromas of cinnamon & clove spices combined with meltingly smooth pear & decadent almonds.

Notes: Place the reeds gently into the liquid and with the wooden neck supplied, carefully ensure it is twisted on tight. For optimum scent throw, display and let diffuse in a small to medium sized room. The reeds can be turned every week or so as desired to keep a good scent throw. To keep the scent throw at its best and free from clogged reeds, keep the diffuser away from direct sunlight, fireplaces, dust, drafts and heat pumps/air conditioners. The colour of the wooden neck may vary from time to time and from picture shown. Please note that while there is a small amount of natural essential oils in our fragrance blends, these particular scents are predominately fragrant oils (synthetic). The premium diffuser base is alcohol free. Not to be taken. Any spills should be wiped up immediately to limit damage on surfaces. All of our fragrances are made in Australia and are not tested on animals. Vegan friendly. 


Customer Reviews

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Maureen Henry
Treat yourself to beautiful aromatic smells throughout your home.

I purchased two bottles of fragrance diffusers for myself - usually I buy for friends, but I will buy these only for myself in future - the aromas are truly lovely.

Suzanne Bongioletti
Beautiful product

I love this product, I had purchased a diffuser & candle for a friend’s birthday, she was so thrilled with this beautiful gift, presented beautifully.
I just had to buy some for myself , customer service was the best I’ve yet to experience, this matters to me. Thank you .


I LOVE their diffusers. I buy a few every year. They last ‘forever’


Beautiful products and wonderful service.