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  • natural & sustainable
  • biodegradable plant
  • exfoliate & massage
  • also available in the Shower Pamper Pack
  • wash room essential

Keep your skin soft and supple with these natural loofahs. Regular exfoliating removes dead skin which supports the regeneration of new skin cells and stimulating your circulation.

For best results, soak your loofah in hot water to soften the fibres first. Once it has become sponge-like, add a generous amount of cleansing wash and gently massage in a circular motion.

Care should be taken if you choose to use the loofah dry as its fibres can be quite abrasive. These loofahs are not recommended for those with very delicate skin, and should never be used on your face. Just like a toothbrush needs to be replaced every 3 months or so, so does a used loofah. Good hygiene practices recommend one loofah per person.

Keep your loofah fresh by ensuring that it dries out thoroughly in between each use; a cord is attached to the end the loofah for this purpose. Simply hang and air dry.

Loofahs are the dried skeleton of the Luffa cylindrica plant, or Gourd, and as such each loofah will naturally vary slightly in size and shape.