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Ceramic Oil Burners
Ceramic Oil Burners

Ceramic Oil Burners

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  • stylish oil burners for your home
  • no electricity required
  • aromatherapy benefits

Our ceramic oil burners are elegant in their simplistic style. Standing at approximately 11cm high and fitting easily into any decor scheme, these oil burners are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite scents. Available in two styles; Circular or Tear Drop.

With their pleasant scents, our natural essential oils provide a huge range of benefits to the body, mind and soul. Discover your favourite oils as you use them in your home or office for therapeutic purposes in these stylish oil burners. Alternatively you can use the burner for wax melts.

Rinsing with hot water after each use will prevent any cross-contamination of scents for the next burn. Fill the bowl with water to just below the rim; approximately 20ml of liquid for the Circular burner, 70ml for the Tear Drop, and adding anywhere between 10-20 drops of essential oil to the desired scent throw. 

These ceramic oil burners are both available in matt black and comes with one beeswax tea light candle.