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Linen Heat Packs
Linen Heat Packs
Linen Heat Packs
Linen Heat Packs

Linen Heat Packs

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  • filled with Tasmanian grown wheat & lavender
  • Tasmanian handmade & designed
  • Leaves on branches design on front, grey flax linen on back
  • use as a hot or cold pack
  • soothes sore and tired muscles
  • made with 100% pure natural linen
  • available in 2 different filling types and 2 sizes

Our beautifully designed pure linen heat packs are handmade and filled with locally grown wheat and lavender from Tasmania. The perfect way to soothe sore muscles and joints after a long, hard day or simply to keep those toes nice and warm in bed! Available in Lavender & Wheat, or for those who are not a fan of the scent of lavender, we also offer the heat packs in plain Wheat.

Varying shades of olive green branches and leaves adorn the front of the heat pack on oatmeal background, while the back is plain flax coloured fabric. With ribbed edges this heat pack is beautiful crafted and will not only soothe your muscles but will look equally good while doing so.

Suitable for microwave heating only; instructions come with your heat pack. These can also be used as a cold pack - place the heat pack in a freezer bag to keep it clean and take out after 2-4 hours.

The weight of the full sized heat pack is approximately 950g to 1000g and the measurements are 380mm long x 140mm wide. The half sized heat pack is approximately 410g to 470g and the measurements are 190mm long x 140mm wide. Please note that each heat pack will vary slightly in their weights depending on the filling.

Instructions for use: Place the heat bag in the microwave distributing the contents evenly and heat for 1 minute, increasing in 30 second intervals until desired temperature. A cup of water placed in the microwave can help to prevent excess drying or burning of the lavender buds and wheat. Alternatively you can gently spray the heat bag with a very small misting of water. If the heat bag starts to smell burnt it needs to be discarded. Old, very dry and continually overheated bags can cause damage to your skin and in rare cases can combust. Please follow instructions carefully and look after your heat pack by ensuring it is gently heated gradually to retain moisture within its contents. Spot clean only.

Full and half sizes available.