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Natural Essential Oils & Blends
Natural Essential Oils & Blends
Natural Essential Oils & Blends
Natural Essential Oils & Blends
Natural Essential Oils & Blends

Natural Essential Oils & Blends

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  • pure essential oils
  • aromatherapy benefits
  • 10 different types
  • therapeutic in oil burners and electric diffusers
  • massage with carrier oils
  • add to creams to enhance
  • perfect match to our aromatherapy pendants and bracelets

With their pleasant scents, pure essential oils provide a huge range of benefits to the body, mind and soul. Discover your favourite oils as you use them in your home for therapeutic purposes in oil burners or an electric diffuser. Treat yourself too, by using them for a relaxing massage or gain the benefits of using them topically on your skin with a carrier oil and in our creams. And for the aromatherapy enthusiast any of these essential oils and blends are the perfect match to our stylish Bracelet and Pendants. Available in 12ml glass bottles.

Tasmanian Lavender

A popular scent that promotes calmness and a peaceful state of mind. An excellent oil to help with sleep or anxiety, and can be added to face creams. Grown in Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmanian Peppermint

A refreshing and uplifting essential oil that awakens the senses. A small amount applied to the back of the neck is known to help to reduce tension and headaches. Grown in Tasmania, Australia.


This herbaceous lemony scent with a hint of botanical grasses promotes mental stimulation. A refreshing oil to diffuse in the home, particularly when paired with a few drops of the Tasmanian peppermint essential oil. Grown in India.

Lemon Myrtle

This Australian native flowering plant is valued for its fresh and clean aroma and has uplifting benefits on your emotions, mind and body. Not only is it packed full of antioxidants, it is also contains antibacterial properties and as such is great for treating oily skin and infections. Grown in Queensland, Australia.

Jasmine Sambac in Jojoba

This sweet, floral aroma, reminiscent of warm sunny days can promote a positive outlook and sense of calm. A beautiful oil to diffuse or to wear as a natural perfume as it is already blended with the carrier oil.

Geranium Bourbon

An uplifting and balancing scent for the mind and soul. Diffusing this essential oil in the home has such an inviting and soothing aroma.  Beneficial for use in our face creams, particularly for mature or dry skin types.  Grown in Madagascar.

Relax & Unwind

Take time out for you; sit back, relax and unwind with this blend of essential oils. A blend of lavender, patchouli and orange sweet essential oils with marjoram, jojoba, rose geranium and chamomile roman.

Sweet Dreams

Promoting calmness and rest, this blend of essential oils encourages a good nights sleep. A blend of lavender and lemon essential oils, with marjoram, jojoba and chamomile roman.

Just Breathe

Pause for just a moment. Close your eyes, and just breathe.... This is our newest and most refreshing and revitalizing blends. You'll feel the worries of the day melt away when you breathe in the aroma of peppermint and lavender, blended with geranium bourbon, jojoba and lemon myrtle.

Mulled Spices

Spicy, warm and uplifting, this blend of oils is reminiscent of love and laughter on Christmas day and delicious mulled wine. A blend of orange sweet, clove leaf, fennel sweet, cinnamon bark, cardamom and black pepper.



* With any essential oils and blends, caution should be taken when pregnant; always consult your doctor prior to use. Not to be taken.